"NOKORI" in Japanese means remains or any object that is left unused or still extant.

The concept of NOKORI can evoke a mix of sorrow and hope, depending on the situation and individual emotions. Discovering the remains of cut wood in a random forest can symbolize the passage of time, the transience of life, or the impact of human activity on nature. In such a context, sorrow may arise from witnessing the effects of destruction or change. However, there can also be hope, as these remnants represent resilience, the potential for regeneration, or the opportunity for new growth to emerge from what remains.

The interpretation of NOKORI can be subjective and deeply personal, influenced by one's perspective and emotional state.

The idea of NOKORI plate is to serve as platform to display your cherished items. By doing so, you add a touch of appreciation and reverence for the objects and their stories.

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